Placement Application


• Users can register as Intern,Freshers,Experience.

Login Page

• After successful registration,login page will validate the students registered.

Job List

• Job suggestions, Search according to job and location.

View Job Description

• Shows described information of job.

Saved Jobs

• You can save jobs to shortlist.

Applied Jobs

• You can see list of applied jobs.

Job Schedules & Interview Status

• You can see job schedules and interview status.

Update Profile

• Update your profile.

Change Password

• Change your password for login to application.


• Admin login to the portal.

View Intern,Fresher,Experience Appl

• View Intern,Fresher,Experience Application.

Job Post

• It shows job form to post which is visible to students.

View Interns

• It shows information of interns registered.

Schedule Interview

• This is used to schedule the interview of candidates.

Action Taken

• Used to describe action taken on candidates application.

Job Applications

• It shows posted jobs and who all applied for it.

Interview Schedules

• Shows the Interviews Scheduled.

Action Taken

• It shows action taken on candidates application