Matrimony Application


• Website home page consisting of information of website.


• Register on the website to find partner of your choice.

Login Page

• Sign In with your valid information to the matrimonial portal.

View Profile

• Shows your information with option to edit and view your registered details.

Update Profile

• You can edit your basic registration details from here.

Update Profile 2

• You can edit your Religious details and images from here.

Update Profile 3

• You can edit your education and occupation details from here.

Update Profile 4

• You can edit your physical lifestyle and partner preference details.

View Details

• You can view details.

Search for

• You can search for partner from selecting partner preferences from here.

Partner Search Result

• It shows search result.

Received Requests Pending

• It shows received requests that are yet to accept.

Sent Requests Pending

• It shows sent requests that are yet to accept.

Accepted Requests

• It shows accepted requests received.

Sent Accepted Requests

• It shows sent requests that are accepted.

Admin Dashboard

• Count of all registered members.

Registered Members

• Details of all registered members you can verify members from here.

Non Verified Users

• Details of all Non Verified Users.

Verified Users

• Details of all Verified Users.