Mobile and Home appliances


•  On dashboard separate branches for Home and mobile appliances. different stakeholders for both. shortcut buttons for Product stock.

Customer details

•  It shows the contact details of customers

Update Customer

•  it is for update the information of customer

Add Stock

• Add Stock for particular product their qty, uom customer price and MRP etc.

View Stock

•  It shows the detail information stock.

Available Product

•  It shows productwise stock details

Customer pending payments

• It shows the list of pending customers

Customer payment receive

•  It shows the customer payment receive customers

Dealer pending payment list

•  It shows the Dealer payment pending list

pending bill reports

• Pending bill in the form of report gst purchase and sales report.

View Expense

•  Expenses can be calculated name and amount will stored.

Update Invoice

•  Update invoice it can be related to products or customers.

Invoice Print

•  Invoice print or cash memo print a receipt as per parameters