Gym App

Login Page

• It is a security mechanism that is used to restrict unauthorized access to member-only areas


• It shows all models in project with their links like customer entry,fees,attendance,reports etc.

Package Master

• It consists of package details for customers.

Batch Master

• Batch timings can be added from here.

Customer Info

• Customer details like name,email,joining date, weight etc.

Customer Info

• More customer information about health in recent times.

Fee Structure

• Fee structure according to customers with package and discounts.


• Daily attendance reports of customers.

Admin Creation

• Admins to maintain the records can be added from here.

Customer List

• List of all Customers.

Fees List

• List of all Customers with fees date and pending amounts.

Whatsapp Reminder

• You can remind about fees direclty to customers on whatsapp.


• Reports about members list,fees reports,package list.

Package List

• Package types with duration, fees and launch date.